Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Walking Your Way To A Healthy Heart

Exercise – in particular walking – plays a key role in building and maintaining a healthy heart. As you clock up the kilometres walked it is critical that your feet are healthy and your shoes provide the right support.
Your local my FootDr podiatrist can offer a biomechanical assessment prior to you commencing exercise, along with an assessment of your footwear.
State-of-the-art my FootDr clinics use the latest high tech equipment to diagnose and treat any problems found in your feet or legs – from corn calluses, ingrown toenails to more serious issues such as peripheral vascular disease which affects 14 percent of the population and is a marker for heart attack.
Podiatrists at my FootDr work closely with general practitioners who can refer patients with chronic conditions such as heart problems for a podiatric assessment under the Medicare scheme.
The health of your feet is a key indicator of a person’s overall health with the foot described as being a mirror of systemic disease. If you have a health issue, it will often appear in the lower extremities first, so your podiatrist is your first line of detection.
Some tips to get you moving this summer:
·         Join a walking group
·         Make sure you replace your shoes when required
·         Visit a podiatrist to check your foot and lower limb mechanics are sound before engaging in exercise
Remember, if your feet, legs or your back hurts during or after exercise don’t put up with the pain. Seek help as the benefits of exercise for your heart and overall health are numerous.

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